Managing Director


Regardless to say that Bangladesh is well recognized maritime Nation whose capability is well known always. I like to take this opportunity to be privileged myself to introduce a ever challenging best pioneer crewing agency who can meet the standard and quality of 21st century shipping and provide a real standard in front of you.

All vessel owners and Principals require competent, trustworthy and efficient crew who shall be designated with specific functions in their vessels. On this ground serving our foreign Principals to the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism adaptability and flexibility to the latest situation in worldwide seafaring. Language is never a problem because of our seafarers’ proficiency in the English language, both written and oral.

Above all, our company, NSP shipping Services (Bangladesh ) always navigate to the requirements imposed by the Director General shipping requirement, assuring that our seafarers meet all the necessary requirements as well as legal documents, knowledge, experience, and expertise and leave our country with pride and dignity. Moreover NSP shipping services is in strict compliance with STCW-95 imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). All these necessities are thoroughly checked by our experienced and highly skilled staff who prepare all the documentations prior to the seafarer’s board the vessel.

To all of you, Principals and Employers, we look forward to work with high quality fruitful trustworthy and harmonious business relationship and rest assured that our services shall always be at your entire disposal and complete satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service on all the vessels under our crew manning. Our business model is long term with the focus on operational excellence and safety. Our people on board and shore are our most valuable asset. The role of our crew management is to support seafarers on board, to be able to carry out seafarers job safety and professionally. Special focus is given to career development and training.