NSP Shipping Services (Bangladesh) is a company based in Bangladesh with Great vision and wisdom of taking new challenges continuously where quality and high professional skill is vital. Established in Bangladesh in the year of 2014 at business address located at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The people who run the company are of vast experience in the field and capable to meet your current demand, quality and cost in the field of crewing and manning to port services, Ship vetting preparedness, new delivery assistance, ship parts trading and other ship related transactions. We have 2000 floating staff in our database and as of now our crew retention rate is 82%.

The Companies main objective is to provide safe, efficient, high quality, ethical and cost effective ship crew management solutions that satisfy our all customers/principals.

The role of our crew management is to support seafarers on board, to be able to carry out seafarers job safety and professionally. Special focus is given to career development and training.


The management is highly profound to maintain a professional staff in every department who are embossed with high moral principles and ethical values to protect the interest of the company and continuously upgrade its standard as the shipping industry demands for operation aimed at ensuring long term business relationship with the Employer/Principal. Also Company is linked with its own maritime training institute.


The company has formed and organized an association of seafarers aimed at promoting the welfare of the seafarers and their families. This association is committed to render assistance needed by the member seafarers and their families, because the company believes that the care given to them ensures that the seafarers will be able to perform their duties to the standard required by our principals and the ships Owner.


To make our principals business successful and profitable and to be the most renowned company in the shipping world which is known for its perfection and delivering excellence at the optimal cost:

a) Competence
b) Experience and if require proper training
c) Sound Health – (Physically and Psychologically)
d) Personality – (Honest, Industrious, Trustworthy and Drug Free)